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Alat Medik menjual MP111. MP111 adalah tipe Oximeter dengan fitur Wide Usage dan Stable Performance. dan dengan fungsi Sufficient Alarm – Monitoring function, Color Tone*, Auto Backlight off, IV Pole, Long battery operation (8hours), 72hours Trend function (in MP111 model) which is using in Sleeping Center, Color Tone*: According to the SpO2 concentration, the beep sound is changing then possible to recognize the SpO2 variation by hearing only without seeing. Tipe ini berteknologi Light Intensity controlled SpO2 Technology®(LIC SpO2).


Untuk lebih jelasnya anda bisa melihat spesifikasi dibawah ini.


Display Information
Oxygen saturation rate, pulse rate, SpO2 wave, battery, sound on/off
alarms on/off, alarm countdown, pulse mark (heart), error massage,
Menu display and 72 hours trend display.
SpO2 Percentage Oxygen Saturation
Range : 0~100%
Resolution : 1%
Accuracy : Adult : ±2 for readings 70~100%
    ±3% for readings 50~69%
    Neonate : ±3% for readings 70~100%
    Unspecified 0~49%
Setting time   Wave out time : 1,5 sec. max
Spo2 Percentage display   5 sec. max. at 80 bpm
    4 sec. 120 bpm
Pulse Rate
Range of display : 30 ~ 250 bpm
Resolution : 1bpm
Accuracy : ±2bpm
Specialis Functions    
Color Beep Tone in SPO2, Auto Back light
T2 hours PR, SpO2 trend display with measured time
Trend data saving period : 1 min
PC program for trend view available
High Saturation : 52~100% (default off)
Low Saturation : 51~99% (default 81%)
High rate : 35~250bpm (default 120bpm)
Low rate : 30~245bpm (default 50bpm)
Alarm silence : 30sec
Sensor : MEKICS SpO2 Reuseable sensor (Nelcor compatible)
Power : DC 12V (AC to DC Adapter)
Power consumption : 9,0W max (AC-DC Adapter Input)
Charging : DC7.5V/500mA max.
Operating Time : 6 hours (Normal Operation)
Full charge Time : 8 hours
Optional : High capacity battery 12 hours
Dimension and Weight
Dimensions : W 102 X H 156 X D 41 (mm)
Weight : 400 g max
Operating Temperature : 10~40C (50~104F)
Storage Temperature : -20~70C (-4~158F)
Relative Humidity : 10~90% (operating), 0~95% (storage)

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