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Rp. 52.000.000,-


Name Product : Operating Lamp
Type : CS-3018
Made In : India
Conditions : New
Warranty : 1 Years









  • Specially designed for providing cool and high intensity light
  • Colour-correcting heat protection filter for ensuring low heat radiation in the field
  • High performance special halogen light source
  • Ajustable light intensity
  • Removable Sterilizable handle provided for positioning of lamp
  • Possibility of wide range of Radial, angular and axial smooth Movements

Technical Specification:

 Type of lamp Ceiling with Single Dome 
   Dome 1  Dome 2
 Dome Size  445mm approx  445mm approx
 WX Intensity  70,000 Lux ±10%  70,000 Lux ±10%
 Colour temperature  4300 ±10%K  4300 ±10%K
 Temp. increase from ambient   2°C to 4°C  2°C to 4°C
 Light Field Diameter  15-20cm  15-20cm
 Halogen Bulb  24V x 150W  24V x 150W
 Power Supply  220V AC, 50/60Hz   220V AC, 50/60Hz 











Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan download brosur berikut: ASCO Lamp Brochure

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